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April 5, 2012
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The black thing by BenoitPaille The black thing by BenoitPaille
SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera)
no photoshop manipulation

More experimentation with light


place where I have already given a workshop: Paris,Amsterdam,London,Turino,Barcelone, Mexico
****for having my workshop in your country, contact me :****
Place where i have a lots of people wanting one :
Argentina,Brazil Perou, Republic Dominican, Germany, South Africa, NYC, L.A.
Colombia,Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, France,India,

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an experiment both absent and entropic; thorough and full bodied

the black thing fills the space you'd least likely wander, yet comes to comfort the scene; similarly ice on the ground is warm from the soft straw overwhelming

there is a chill in this air, but it is suffering to the waste energy of the universe, that what life was born of in the trash -- heat, warmth and momentum

undulating branches caught in question, just as 'Life the Experiment' brings only hollows of the unknown, if to be seen this way (in question)

this image provokes mostly questions and the unknown presents itself in the age of information as mere agitation
(morning light or your own? shards the surface layer in light)

when if magicians secrets weren't expected to be told, simply because they exist in social media forum, the appreciation for such a sense would only grow with the qualities of familiarity

those same qualities in the wrong state of mind 'Expectation for Contentment of being Engaged of having Needs Acknowledged', people want over and over again... to hear the same song, to see the same thing (*a fickle comfort zone)

with this... the cliché and typical monotonous drone of refrain wanting mind becomes: camera makers metadata is of the typical scene, the typical memento, the typical life

the restraints then only apply to those who want to capture their moments obscure OR pure and wayward from a smiling rainbow

BenoitPaille, experiments with light here, to the extent that branches have been painted with the shadow of the earth itself

if this is the first stroke on a blank canvas (all his canvases are as complex even to begin with, even as an initial idea) of a new series, then imagine how his mastery of his own lighting experiments, now gains a handle on the polar opposite

keep a watch on this light painter, or Houdini logic might warp your mind of space and timelessly gather fruition from this masterful fusion

so simply, an experiment is a success if executed
and that is what this is

and if the only challenge in this day and age is blocking out those same 'people' you do it for, from corrupting their own gift with anticipation or remorse then bravo for being resilient BenoitPaille

know the audience thinks by liking something means they own it+ that is all that must change

just like the criticism of this work in the wrong eyes,
only relates to the confines of the device itself

so the technique here is not the wonderment,
that is the same as in all your photos

with a standard focal length the stars will drag in under half a minute, simply by the days spinning over and the earth orbiting another year

you always do your best and there is much to be thankful for in what you share... but to judge this on merits of your mind, NOT your device

what a wonder the black thing is

and oh the possibilities

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gluehapfel Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
I find it really cool. looks like a straight line on the left going through the picture. geometrical but still natural. paradox in a photo. cool.
grapholic Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
i really love innovative concept, today maybe we got a lot haters, but tomorrow we'll got more follower.
and i always love to see something new, something flip, something not stereotype... some people just want seeing thing that they want to see, but not the progress, and the effort behind it.
xVynnx Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Cool picture, and I think I understand how you did the light box ones... but I'm interested in how you did the shadow box in this one... Especially if it's SOOC.

Would you mind telling me your secret?
Infinite-Starlight Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012   Photographer
fuck everyone! make whatever the hell you wanna make. its YOUR art. not theirs. you dont go into a gallery and yell about shit you dont like. people need to learn when to speak and when not to.
gluehapfel Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
ishraki Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
this is surreal!
Lyck Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
Maaan if this was Facebook I would like a lot of comments!
It's a really great shot.
Aruthe Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Moi je trouve cette photo fascinante.
C'est un vrai p'tit mystère d'essayer d'imaginer comment cette ombre carré a été crée.
Les gens qui n'aiment pas cette photo sont probablement porter à chercher trop loin et n'écoute pas simplement ce qu'elle dégage et nous fait sentir.
JakezDaniel Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012   Photographer
le retour du gros pavé noir de Kubrick?
C'est désolant ça les gens qui agressent parce qu’ils n'aiment pas quelque chose...
endosage Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I absolutely love this. A great contrast to the "glowing square" images that you've done previously. Very happy to see the results of the experiments of others. Always interesting! Thanks for sharing with us! :+fav:
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